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Additional Services

  • Cashier's Checks
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfers
  • Notary Services
  • Night Depository
  • Bank by Mail

Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself against accidental overdrafts, or give yourself a quick source of ready cash by adding a personal line of credit to your checking account. Funds are advanced to your account up to your pre-approved credit limit. You only pay for the service when you use it (subject to qualification).

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege is an overdraft limit that is automatically assigned to qualifying accounts to protect against accidental overdrafts by paying checks, online bill payments, automatic transfers, and ACH transactions when sufficient funds are not in your account. However, payment of overdrafts caused by ATM usage or other debit card transactions is authorized only if you have opted-in to that service. There is no cost for this service unless you use it. However, you will be charged our overdraft fee for each item paid.

Credit Cards

Enjoy the worldwide acceptance and other benefits offered by a Community First Visa or MasterCard. Simply ask for an application.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer safe deposit boxes in multiple sizes to store important papers and other valuables for safekeeping (subject to availability).