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Community Reinvestment

Downtown Revitalization, Multi Family Rehabilitation, and Community Development Lending

Our Community is important to us. As a financial institution serving businesses of Anderson and Oconee Counties, one of our desires is to promote certain downtown revitalization, multi family rehabilitation, and community development loan programs. These include the following:

Downtown Revitalization and Multi Family Rehabiliation

We have designated applicable areas in our market area qualifying for this loan program.

We are offering a special loan program for the purpose of providing funds to refurbish businesses and for the multi family rehabilitation.

Contact one of our lending professionals at your nearest Community First branch location for qualifying neighborhoods, areas, rates, and terms.

Within this program, loans to businesses can be spent to remodel store fronts and interiors of the building. Business loan funds cannot be spent to purchase inventory, fixtures, or replace the roof. Roof replacement will qualify as a loan purpose for loans for multi family rehabilitation. Qualified loans for this special loan program are at the sole discretion of Community First Bank. Community First Bank is offering special terms and reduced closing costs for these loans. Borrower must meet normal bank credit guidelines to qualify.

Community First Bank is also promoting the following type of loans.

  • Loans for construction and permanent financing of multi family rental property serving low- or moderate-income persons;
  • Loans to not-for-profit organizations serving primarily low- and moderate-income housing or other community development needs; for example, a loan to fund renovation, construction, purchase, etc., of a building that would house the homeless;
  • Loans to construct or rehabilitate community facilities that are located in low- and moderate-income areas or that serve primarily low- and moderate-income individuals;
  • Loans to local and state governments for community development activities;
  • Loans to finance environmental clean-up or redevelopment of an industrial site as part of an effort to revitalize the low- or moderate-income community in which the property is located;
  • A loan to an organization that provides job training, a loan to purchase a vehicle for job transport of groups of low- to moderate-income areas; and
  • Loans to towns, fire districts, police stations, in low- to moderate-income areas for police cars, fire trucks, EMS trucks, etc., if these could not have otherwise been purchased without the bank’s loan.

We Care About Our Community

Our Community is important to us. As a financial institution serving the citizens and businesses of Anderson and Oconee Counties, we work to tailor our services to the needs of the people who live and work here.

We offer special products designed to meet the needs of low to moderate income groups, such as personal checking, small business checking, savings accounts for minors, as well as home improvement and home purchase loans. Our mortgage area offers special products for first time homebuyers.

The Community Reinvestment Act

Our bank is committed to a local focus because we believe it’s good business. Under the Community Reinvestment Act, our institution is evaluated on how well we make our credit services available to qualifying community residents, without regard to race, age, or gender.

We think our programs and services are exemplary. But it occurs to us that our customers and others in the community might wish to communicate community development needs to us or may desire more information on our services. We hope you see just how seriously we take our role in contributing to the quality of life here in each community we serve.

Serving the Credit Needs of Anderson and Oconee Counties

We're justifiably proud of our contribution toward meeting the credit needs of these communities. Our loan programs promote home ownership, fuel job growth and support local economic development.

Community Group Contact

Via any of our contact methods referenced, community groups are invited to contact our Compliance or CRA officer with ideas on how our bank might assist with community development activities. We also periodically provide free presentations of the FDIC MoneySmart program for community groups.

More Information/Help Us Assess Community Needs

If you’re interested in obtaining our CRA pamphlet & survey, please ask any of our personnel. They can also tell you where to write if you have comments on our performance under CRA. Our public CRA file is always open and we welcome comments. Please feel free to contact our bank CRA or Compliance officer at 864-638-2105, or via E-mail at CustomerService@C1stbank.com. Your feedback is important to help us assess community needs.

Community First Bank Branches

4002 Clemson Blvd. Anderson, SC (864) 222-2440
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3685 Blue Ridge Blvd. Walhalla, SC (864) 638-2105
306 East Windsor St. Westminster, SC (864) 647-5487
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